The Visconteo Castle at Cassano d'Adda is a gem set in a lush landscape, perfect for private and corporate events.

Unique in its kind, this medieval fortress rich in large halls and frescoes of Giotto's school that decorate the vaults, was restored in the 13th century on order by Ottone Visconti, then archbishop of Milan. Through the windows around the large courtyard interior, where arcades with large stained glass embroider the perimeter, for an effect of surprising refinement. Beyond the windows, it is possible to see the ancient frescoes that ornate vaulted ceilings, in the tones of greens and ocher.

Three salons, four rooms, the new Bistrò contemporary designed and high-class kitchen interior, and an entire floor dedicated to stylish rooms and suites make the Visconteo Castle the place of excellence for your events!