A restaurant with clean and essential lines, with Nordic inspiration and Italian design. A place where you let the mind relax, letting yourself engage in a dance of tastes and scents. Welcome to Bistro of the Visconteo Castle, Chef Paolo Franchi restaurant, overlooking the square of Cassano adds, right there where the Castle stands.

A glass door, that name written with the “o” accented in blue and here in a world made of delicate flavours, intense scents, and whispered words for a dimension of pure relaxation. On the light wooden tables you will be served with honest and never-to-taste banal dishes, sometimes inspired by tradition, sometimes are the result of Chef's creativity. Every flow is always and in any case prepared at the moment, as it implies good cooking.

Among the proposals of the menu does not miss the tasty Millefoglie vegetables, the sage and aubergines ravioli with the poured butter (strictly home-made), or even the pan sautéed sea bass with vegetables, for a lunch break that meet your expectations!